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(Retd) Professor of English, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology-ISM, Dhanbad 826004, India


BOOKS (Print):
1. Savitri: A Spiritual Epic. Bareilly: Prakash Book Depot, 1984, pages 164. (A critical study of Sri Aurobindo's epic Savitri).
2. Krishna Srinivas: The Poet of Inner Aspiration. Madras: Poets Press India, 1984, pages 30.
(A monograph).
3. My Silence. Madras: Poets Press India, 1985, pages 44. (A collection of poems).
4. Using Contemporary English Idioms . Bareilly: Prakash Book Depot, 1985-86, pages 133.
(A text-cum-workbook).
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7. Using English in Science and Technology. Bareilly: Prakash Book Depot, 1988, pages 256.
text book).
8. Memories Unmemoried. Berhampur: Poetry Time Publications, 1988, pages 24. (A collection of poems).
9. Practising English in Science and Technology. Bareilly: Prakash Book Depot, 1990, pages 198. (An EST practice book ).
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14. General English Practice. Bareilly: Prakash Book Depot, 1995, pages 192. ( A textbook on Comprehension, Precis, Summary, Letter, Sentence, and Paragraph Writing).
15. Writing Your Thesis and Research Papers.Bareilly: Prakash Book Depot, 1996, pages 115.
(A reference-cum-textbook on 
research writing).
16. My Silence and 0ther Selected Poems: 1974-1994. Bareilly: Prakash Book Depot, 1996, pages 185. (A collection of poems, including earlier volumes).
17. Anger in Action: Explorations of Anger in In Writing in English. New Delhi: Bahri Publications, 1997, pages 238. (A collection of critical articles – edited with an Introduction).
18. Above the Earth's Green. Calcutta: Writers Workshop, 1997, pages 126.(A collection of poems).
19. Psychic Knot : Search for Tolerance in Indian English Fiction.
New Delhi : Bahri Publications, 1998, pages 211. ( A collection of critical articles – edited with an Introduction ).
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( Fully revised and 
expanded second edition).
23 Multiple Choice General English for UPSC Competition . Bareilly : Prakash Book Depot, 2001, pages 204. ( A textbook on objective type General English for UPSC tests ).
24. Cover to Cover: A collection of Poems (R K Singh : The Face in All Seasons, pp 43).
New Delhi : Bahri Publications, 2002. ( A Collection of Poems jointly with Ujjal Singh Bahri).
25. Pacem in Terris. Trento, Italy: Edizioni Universum, 2003. (A trilogy collection of poems in English and Italian, jointly with Myriam Pierri and Giovanni Campisi, including my haiku collection,Peddling Dream, pages 63-88)
26. Communication in English: Grammar and Composition. Bareilly : Prakash Book Depot, 2003, pages 148. ( A textbook on grammar and composition ).
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30. Voices of the Present: Critical Essays on Some Indian English Poets. Jaipur: Book Enclave, 2006, pages 267.
31. The River Returns. Bareilly: Prakash Book Depot, 2006, pages 86. (A collection of tanka and haiku).
32. English as a Second Language: Experience into Essays. Jaipur: Book Enclave, 2007, pages 308. (An edited collection of essays).
33. English Language Teaching: Some Aspects Recollected. Jaipur: Book Enclave, 2008, pages 238. (An edited collection of essays).
34. Sexless Solitude and Other Poems . Bareilly: Prakash Book Depot, 2009, pages 86.
35. Mechanics of Research Writing. Bareilly: Prakash Book Depot, 2010, pages 182. (A reference book on research writing).
36. Sense and Silence: Collected Poems. Jaipur: Yking Books. 2010. Pages 338. (All previously published collections of poems with some new poems, haiku, and tanka).
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38. New and Selected Poems Tanka and Haiku. New Delhi: Authors Press, 2012, pages 96. (collection of poems).

39. Indian Poetry in English: In Search of Identity. New Delhi: Authors Press, 2012, pages 303. (edited 
collection of essays, jointly with Rajni Singh).
40. I Am No Jesus and Other Selected Poems, Tanka and Haiku. Iasi: Editura StudIS, 2014, pages 54. (collection of poems with translation into Crimean Tatar by Taner Murat and Illustrations by Alsou Shikhova Ildarovna).

41. You Can't Scent Me and Other Selected Poems. New Delhi: Authors Press, 2016, pages 114 (poetry collection)

42. Writing Editing Publishing: A Memoir. Iasi: Editura StudIS, 2016, pages 296 (a collection of letters). 

43. God Too Awaits Light.  Joshua Tree, CA: Cholla Needles, 2017, pages 66 (a collection of tanka and haiku).

44.  Growing Within-Desăvârşire lăuntrică: haiku, tanka & other poems. (Traducerea din limba engleză: Alexandra Flora Munteanu and Taner Murat).
Constanta, Romania: Edutura Anticus Press, 2017, pages 285 (a bilingual collection of poems in English and Romanian).

45. Reflections: R.K.Singh's Poetry and Self. Riga, Latvia: LAP LAMBERT Publishing, 2018, pages 135 (Text of interviews given to 14 different persons from time to time). ISBN 978-613-9-89751-3

46. THERE'S  NO PARADISE and Other Selected Poems Tanka & Haiku. Beau Bassin: Editions Muse, 2019, pages 68 (a collection of selected poems). ISBN 978-620-2-29247-4

1.  My Silence. August 21, 2006, pages 30. Price: $6.10
2. Memories Unmemoried. August 24, 2006, pages 16. Price: $6.07.
3. Music Must Sound. August 21, 2006, pages 29. Price: $6.33
4.  Flight of Phoenix . August 20, 2006, pages 25. Price: $6.25
5. No Moist Secret and Elements Clack Silence. August 21, 2006, pages 37. Price: $7.68
6.   The River Returns. August 24, 2006, pages 55. Price: $8.13
7. I'm No River. August 21, 2006, pages 34. Price: $7.60
8.   Views and Reviews. August 21, 2007, pages 95. Price: $9.13
9. Sexless Solitude and Other Poems. November 20, 2007, pages 15. Price: $ 18.50
10. Selected Poems of R.K.Singh. December 17, 2009, pages 461.  Price: $ 16.78
11. Sexless Solitude and Other Poems: A Bilingual Collection: English-Greek. January 16, 2010, pages 129.  Price: $ 10.82 glish--greek/6258509
12. R.K.Singh: Poems. Poetry Series. February 2010.
13. Night's Rumblings and Other Poems Volume One: R.K.Singh. Text CD. Price: $ 17.95
14. Sexless Solitude and Other Poems. Text CD. Price: $17.95
15. R.K.Singh’s Poetry: Interviews and Views. $11.52 Content ID: 13919346
16. I Am No Jesus and Other Selected Poems, Tanka and Haiku. Translated into Crimean Tatar by Taner Murat and Illustrated by Alsou Shikhova Ildarovna. Price $ 9.90  ISBN/EAN13 : 6066245627 / 9786066245623 Also available from Createspace:  & Amazon
 17. Here She Goes: A Selection of Micropoems. Price: $7.23, 2014 (created on October 22, 2014). Content ID: 15468848
18. Beyond the Shadow. Price: $6.97, 2014 (created on October 22, 2014). Content ID: 15469210

19. Here and Now: A Selection of Haiku. Price $6.99, 2014 (created on November 9, 2014).

20. Writing Editing Publishing: A Memoir.  Price $10.25, 2016 (created on August 13, 2016). content ID: 19217752 ;

21. Growing Within/Desavarsire launtrica: haiku, tanka and other poems. published on December 11, 2017, pp. 290

22. THERE'S  NO PARADISE and Other Selected Poems Tanka & Haiku. Beau Bassin: Editions Muse, 2019, pages 68 (a collection of selected poems). ISBN 978-620-2-29247-4  ( 



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